Everyone love a pretty HAT! In this hand-on workshop, students will have an opportunity to design and make their very own unique hats. They can freely customize their party hats with their own creativity and imagination! Instructor will provide abundance of colorful and fun materials. If time permit, each person can make more than one hat.


Length of Program: 60 minutes

Class Size: 50 maximum (A larger class size is available upon request)

Class Materials: Provided by instructor

Classroom Set Up: Small groups setting

Set Up Time: 60-75 minutes before class

Suitable For: Children, Teens & Family

Additional Note: Bring the Carnival Party Hats to your events. It is a fun activity to engage your guests.



Party Hats

References for Festivals and Celebrations:


January - Hat Day

January to February -

The Carnival of Venice (Italy), Rio Carnival (Brazil), Mardi Gras (USA),

March - National Craft Month

March to June - Spring Parties

May - Copenhagan Carnival (Denmark)

June to September - Summer Parties

August - Notting Hill Carnival (London, UK)

September - Make a Hat Day


Classes available all year round