Students will learn how to use leaves to make two types of art.  Students will be immersed in the colorful and fun craft of leaf rubbing by using crayons to make beautiful collages, then, they will use watercolors to make leaf stamps to enhance their art works. If time permit,  students will also learn how to make beautiful leaf bookmarks and 3D pop-up greeting cards.


Lenght of Program: 60 minutes

Class Size: 50 maximum (A larger class size is available upon request)

Class Materials: Provided by instructor

Classroom Set Up: Classroom or horseshoe styles. Newspaper or table cloths to cover tables.

Set Up Time: 60 minutes before class

Suitable For: Children, Teens & Family



Leaf Rubbings and Stamp Arts

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March - National Craft Month

March to June - Spring Parties

April - Earth Day

June - World Environment Day

June to September - Summer Parties

September - Greenpeace Day

September to December - Fall Parties


Classes available all year round