National Park is the greatest American invention to the world. The National Park Service was officially established in 1916 and it has attracted millions of vistors every year to marvel the extraordinary beauty of the nature. Instructor has traveled to 22 U.S. National Parks (number will keep growing) out of 59. In this program, audience will take a journey to different National Parks in Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. mainland. Not only will they learn about the Hawaiian, Alaskan and Native American culture, they will also learn about the geography of the location. This program will stimulate the adventurous spirit and to encourage the audience to explore the beauty around us. Colorful pictures and maps of National Parks will be presented.


Length of Program: 60 minutes

Class Size: No limit

Class Materials: Provided by instructor

Classroom Set Up: Presentation style. One table for instuctor and chairs for audience. PowerPoint presentation will be presented if a projector and a screen are available.

Set Up Time: 60 minutes before class

Suitable For: Teens, Adults & Family



Exploring National Parks

References for Festivals and Celebrations:


January - National Geographic Day

March to June - Spring Adventure

April - National Park Week

June - World Environment Day

July - International Rock Day

June to September - Summer Adventure

December - International Mountain Day


Classes available all year round