Students will learn the ancient decorative art of marking Chinese lanterns by using colorful and festive materials provided by instructor. Students will gain knowlegde of Chinese festivals like Chinese New Year, Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) through this very fun and educational workshop. Mid-Autumn festival is the biggest Chinese traditional holiday after Chinese New Year. Many people carry Chinese lanterns during the fesitval. Students will make two beautiful Chinese lanterns and they will be proud to show off their art works.


Length of Program: 60 minutes

Class Size: 50 maximum (A larger class size is available upon request)

Class Materials: Provided by instructor

Classroom Set Up: Tables and chairs, classroom style. Newspaper or table cloths to cover tables.

Set Up Time: 45-60 minutes before class

Situable For: Children, Teens, Adults & Family



Chinese Paper Lanterns

References for Festivals and Celebrations:


January / February - Chinese New Year

March - National Craft Month

April - Chinese Language Day

May - Asian-Pacific Heritage Month

June - Dragon Boat Festival

September - Mid-Autumn Festival

October - Chinese National Day


Classes available all year round