Chinese paper-cutting, or jianzhi (剪紙), is a folk art that originated in China around the sixth century AD. The art form is most strongly associated with China because paper was invented in the country – by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Because the cut-outs are often used to decorate doors and windows, they are sometimes referred to as chuāng huā (窗花), window flowers or window paper-cuts. In this workshop, students will learn to make creative and fun Chinese paper cutting arts.


Length of Program: 60 minutes

Class Size:  20-35 people

Class Materials: Provided by instructor

Classroom Set Up: Classroom style or horse-shoe style

Set Up Time: 30 minutes before class

Suitable For: Teens, Adults & Family



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Chinese Paper Cutting

References for Festivals/Celebrations:


January / February - Chinese New Year

April - Chinese Language Day

May - Asian-Pacific Heritage Month

June - Dragon Boat Festival

September - Mid-Autumn Festival

October - Chinese National Day


Classes available all year round