Chinese Calligraphy is a traditional art of Chinese writing for more than 5000 years.  It is especially significant and important during numerous Chinese festivals and celebrations.  This workshop is a superb opportunity for everyone to learn how to write a different language and to learn about the Chinese culture in a fun and a creative way through Chinese Calligrahpy.  Students will learn to write 24 Chinese characters and they will bring home their prized work. 


Length of Program: 60 minutes

Class Size: 40 maximum (A larger class size is available upon request)

Class Materials: Traditional writing materials will be provided by instructor

Classroom Set Up: A white board with markers or a black board with chalks. Easel with white paper is fine as well. Newspaper or table cloths to cover tables.

Set Up Time: 45-60 minutes before class

Suitable For: Children, Teens, Adults & Family

Additional Note:

1.  Gift certification for private lesson is available upon request.

2. Contact us to become a vendor at your events. We offer "Your Name in Chinese Character" for your guests.


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Chinese Calligraphy

References for Festivals/Celebrations:


January / February - Chinese New Year

April - Chinese Language Day

May - Asian-Pacific Heritage Month

June - Dragon Boat Festival

September - Mid-Autumn Festival

October - Chinese National Day


Classes available all year round